Pioneering Blockchain Applications for Media and Entertainment
DMG focuses on designing, developing, and commercializing innovative blockchain-based solutions for the media and entertainment industry.
Its mission is to facilitate content distribution in a faster, more cost-efficient manner whilst ensuring that content creators get their fair share of revenue for their work and content consumers pay a fair price. 
Our Team
Matej Michalko
Michal Géci
Managing Director
Daniel Riddell
Senior Advisor - Technology
Yives Reed
Advisor of Media UK
Anita O'Donell
Advisor of Media UK
John Oh
Advisor of Media Korea
Use cases
Rights and Royalties management
Immutable record keeping, consumption verification, distribution of royalties
Content Resale
Micro-payments, Dynamic Pricing, Redistribution Platform
Decentralized Curation
Metadata Curation, Tokenized Localization
Crowdsourced Funding
Digital Advertising
Transparent Ad Performance, Tracking, Decentralized Reporting
Content Distribution
View Based Reward
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