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Business Planning, Executive Coaching, and Sales Methodology

Leadership Development

NCP Global enhances the success of your company’s learning and business initiatives through our proven Leadership Development workshops and methodology. Our programs for leaders and managers range from addressing the needs of those who are new to management, to the senior leader who has responsibilities around board-level strategy development, organizational decision-making, as well as motivational efforts around team building, coaching and inspiring other leaders.

Strategic Account Planning

NCP Global sees Strategic Account Planners as the ultimate sales professionals with the tools and skills to understand their customers’ true business drivers and imperatives, and ultimately “Why” they should make an investment decision. We help sales professionals to develop plans that guide the discovery of other key insights into the decision-making process, timeline and politics. This translates to successful interactions both internally and externally and ultimately to building strong relationships that close deals.

Strategic Telesales Skills

NCP Global offers an effective Telesales methodology for sales professionals comprised of a framework and set of techniques designed to effectively open a call with confidence and conduct a professional discovery dialogue with prospective customers. This methodology builds confidence in the sales professional by creating a roadmap and time frame for solving their customer’s problems and/or uncovering their needs.

NCP Global has built a strong name for itself around the world for practical, effective, sales and management enablement programs that drive results.

Providing value to businesses through expert leadership, team engagement, and one-on-one coaching

Workshops and training seminars that focus on results. We use highly interactive training techniques and fully customize the activities, exercises and assessments to your business. We provide ongoing educational support beyond the initial workshop and include Train-the-Trainer certification. Our one-on-one coaching sessions are tailored to support program content as it intersects with your specific business goals.

The length of workshops varies from 1-5 days depending on content and team size.

Strategic Account Planning

NCP Global emphasizes Strategic Account Planning as one of the essential disciplines that helps sales professionals navigate more efficiently and effectively in even the most complex deals. The biggest hurdle faced in working strategically is having the right data to make the right moves on the chessboard in terms of harnessing resources, developing a business case, and knowing when (and how) to ask for the business. NCP Global’s workshops do exactly that. We create an interactive “war room” environment where participants brainstorm new ideas and learn how to apply a methodology that exposes invalidated assumptions, lack of data, and even hidden competitive threats. Strategic Account Planning raises the bar for your organization’s ability to attain more revenue at better margins, with shorter sales cycles, and with higher predictability.

Strategic Negotiation Skills

This 2-day workshop employs the latest research in how to achieve a win-win result in a variety of sales situations. The skills and techniques learned in this course apply to not only sales scenarios externally, but also to negotiations that occur internally with co-workers, partners, management, and in everyday situations. Our interactive, customized, case-study based approach to improving your sales team’s negotiation skills is NCP’s most requested program.

Strategic Telesales Skills

This workshop focuses on effectively guiding the sales rep through a highly effective telesales methodology. It is intended to enhance one’s ability to open a call with confidence and momentum while also enhancing skills to navigate through the discovery process with thoughtful and provoking open-ended questions. This course will also cover successful objection-handling as well as how to move the prospective customer to either the next step or to signing the deal. Another benefit to this workshop is that reps will practice leaving voice mails and delivering short, effective product demos over a web conference call. Those clients not selling technology software will not be required to utilize this module.

Objection Handling

This workshop prepares your customer facing teams for handling everything from a typical refusal of goods and services, to a more complicated objection requiring a skillful, knowledge-based response. The skill of Active Listening is taught at a higher level in this course, pushing the learner to pull from client discovery data, as well as, to leverage team resources. This course also teaches buying patterns that allow the seller to anticipate and prepare for common objections that can be quickly cleared. At the conclusion of this course, the learner will be versed in not only how to handle objections, but also how to initiate and maintain forward movement in the sales process.

Customer Service Skills & Phone Etiquette

This workshop helps sales teams remember to focus on the customer and while they may not be a customer service rep, sales start and end with customer service. Phone etiquette, professional greeting, tone, empathy and active listening are some of the important skills emphasized. The importance of verbal as well as how written email communication – – timeliness, professionalism, tone, efficiency and effectiveness are included, as well as the effect internal customer service has on customers’ perception of your organization.

Prospecting Best Practices

This workshop employs the creativity of the team combined with the identification of organizational tools for prospecting. This course includes how to identify and effectively penetrate Target Accounts. Developing a repeatable prospecting process is vital to achieving a high return of qualified opportunities. This process will be customized and taught based upon organizational tools, target market, desired metrics, and company brand & perception.



Kaiser Permanente

“The workshop was great in providing information about customer service skills and how to handle various situations during a call. The content was great and very easy to understand.” –Jackie

Juniper Networks

“It’s refreshing to have an account planning workshop like this. I walked in there worrying about how much time I was losing to do my work but then instantly knew it would be worth it, so thank you! The facilitator did an excellent job keeping us engaged and coaching us with real-world experience as it pertained to our deals. He exceeded all of our expectations.”

Kaiser Permanente

“This was the best new hire sales workshop I’ve ever experienced… and I’ve worked at huge organizations like Apple and IBM. Hats off to the NCP team for their design work and facilitation.” –Bill

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